High Altitude Air Roasting

Air roasting craft coffee at altitude

Golden Pine Roasters is a craft coffee roasterie located in Black Forest, Colorado, just north of Colorado Springs. We specialize in high quality, perfectly roasted coffees. We are the roasting arm of R&R Coffee Café and our roasterie is in the same building as the café.

We roast primarily on a lovingly restored 1987 Diedrich IR-12 roaster. Since our roasterie is located at 7444 feet in elevation, we have had to rethink the roasting process. With longer roast times and less heat, our coffees tend to lean more towards a smooth, sweet, never bitter cup.

We focus on working as directly with the coffee farmers as possible; developing the natural flavors present in the coffees by precise roasting, tasting and tweaking roast and brew parameters to keep those natural flavors alive; and training all who work with our coffee to respect and honor all the hard work that went into making your cup.

We invite you to look over our current coffee offerings or just drop by and say hi. You'll then understand our motto around here:

Committed to the Art of Coffee Craftsmanship.

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