High Altitude Air Roasting

We Love to Share Our Coffee

Do you love our coffees? Do you want your favorite coffee bar, employer, or business to carry our coffee? Do you own a coffee bar, manage an office, or just have decision-making capabilities at your place of employment? Well, let's talk coffee.

Wholesaling Coffee

Golden Pine Roasters can help bring a bit of serious coffee to your business. Not only do we offer the highest quality coffees we can find, we also back it up with full support and training.

What's Included?

Whenever you sign on with Golden Pine, we will offer up to a full day's training for your staff to ensure the level of coffees we aim for, an additional five hour training window for all new employees in our roasterie and training lab1, news and tidbits from the world of coffee, onsite visits from our Roast Master for any events2, and much more.

Plus we have leads in the industry for flavored syrups, paper products, bakery items (From R&R's from-scratch bakery!), and leads on equipment and techs to fix the equipment.

Full information can be found on our Wholesale Flyer or by contacting us.

Come on, join the craft coffee movement. Wow your guests, coworkers, and random strangers. It's worth it, I promise.

1Onsite training is usually restricted to those partners with coffee bars. Office coffee service training will be done in your business. 2Roast Master visits can be used for promotions, questions, or followup training and must be booked at least a week in advance.

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